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Guantes para medir esfuerzos ergonómicos 

 El sistema especializado para medición de presión, permite optimizar, comparar y controlar procesos; en esfuerzos físicos de la mano. el sensor pude ser monitoreado en tiempo real y su captura de datos.

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Guantes para medir esfuerzos ergonómicos 

 The ergoPAK FSR provides versatile, cost effective, easy to use sensors to measure localized force between the body and external surfaces, tools and machines ErgoPAK FSR is designed for ergonomic, engineering, biomechanical and research testing applications for measuring job conditions, human performance, and tool/product testing in real time Sensors are thin, flexible, non-obtrusive and have minimal interferance or disturbance to normal action or performance Wireless with RF (radio frequency) allows free motion and data capture within 100 feet Plug and play sensors connect to the device hub to allow for testing with any combination of other ergoPAK sensors for application specific testing or analysis
ErgoPAK FSR can be used with gloves or finger cots provided. Latex or other gloves may also be used with FSR’s. FSR’s can also be placed directly to the skin or other surfaces Data collection sofware can be installed on laptop, desktop or micro/mobile PC

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Celda de carga miniatura

La celda de carga de miniatura provee una amplia variedad de pruebas de compresión y 

de pellizco para evaluación con un dedo, multiples dedos o por el pulgar. La celda de carga miniatura puede ser usada con otros accesorios o sensores y puede ser manipulado por uno mismo.

Incluye Software para análisis de esfuerzos.

Miniature Compression and Pinch Load Cell:
 Weight without cable: 9.072 grams
 Dimensions: 2.7cm Diameter 0.635cm Height (without velcro)
 Operating Temperature: (52 – 92 F) (11 – 33 C)
 Humidity: 10-40% non-condensing
 Load Cell Capacity Test Range: 0 to 50 Lbs. 50 lbs. maximum capacity
 Accuracy: within 2%
 Resolution: .10
 Battery: Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

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